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NEW   One-day Workshop -13 May 2023

Functional Anatomy 

Movement is complex. It is multidimensional, constantly changing, and difficult to make practical sense of.

We’re all used to hearing that ‘it’s all connected’ but we’ve never been given the means to effectively describe how. Imagine how you could change your practice if you could take control of movement. Imagine being able to describe movement in a way that honours its complexity while granting a clear vision of all the interactions involved. Imagine how your assessments, your treatments, and your exercise suggestions could all change to perfectly match the needs of the client in front of you.

The last few years have seen many new vocabularies develop to help describe the experience of movement, an essential part of being human and being in our bodies. Many schools claim tensegrity, biotensegrity, and spirals to be the basis of all human movement - which they may well be - but how do we describe that? Unfortunately, the information provided so far has been largely ephemeral, considering the system as a mysterious, unwieldy whole, and not especially helpful in providing a foundation of language for understanding the reality of human anatomy in motion. 

Compare this with the reductionist approach of traditional anatomy textbooks which we are all (rather begrudgingly) too familiar with, presenting each piece of the puzzle separately in the wild hope that we can somehow put them all together to make a working whole. Hint: we can't. As we all know, the most interesting things - and especially a human being - are far, far more than the sum of all their parts.

 After 30 years of searching for the tools, James Earls has found a way of blending the truths of movement with the truths of human anatomy. Together, they form the basis of a vocabulary that can be easily learned, is immediately understandable, and can be incredibly powerful in your quest to help humans to move more efficiently.

In this one-day workshop:

  • We will use movement (not exercise!) to explore the links between language and anatomy in ways that expand your vision, and your understanding of the way humans move.
  • We will re-frame words and notions you are already familiar with, giving them purpose by pulling them out of the textbooks and into real-life.
  • We will bring anatomy to life, learning how to describe what we’re seeing and feeling in our own and in others’ bodies.
  • And we will show you how, once you have the tools to clearly, and accurately describe movement, you can predict it, and how powerful this can be for your practice.

Arrive with your curiosity turned up to 10, ready to play, to move, and to explore -  you will leave at the end of the day genuinely inspired and ready to embrace movement in your practice with greater clarity and enhanced confidence.

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James  will be presenting at the 'Natural Health & Movement Summit'

From the organisers:

The Natural Health & Movement Summit 2023
7 October 2023: 09.00-18.00 (UK time) 

Powered by Born to Move

This event is designed for dedicated personal trainers, movement therapists, and manual therapists of any form who want the best ways to update and reinvigorate their vision.

It will be full of fun, evidence-based information with usable tried and tested strategies and techniques that you can implement for your clients right away.

Be sure to sign up NOW to ensure you get access to:

  • Top speakers,
  • Informative movement breaks,
  • Exciting great exhibitors,
  • Probably the best free goodie bag you will ever get at any conference,
  • And the opportunity to connect with other top teachers, trainers, and therapists

Confirmed Speakers:

Caroline Williams - author of 'Move!' and 'Overide' and is the editor of two of New Scientist’s Instant Expert Guides: How Your Brain Works: Inside the most complicated object in the known universe and Your Conscious Mind: Unravelling the greatest mystery of the human brain. She also edited New Scientist’s Essential Guide to the Brain!

James Earls - author of 'Born to Walk' and 'Understanding the Human Foot' and director of Born to Move, teaching functional movement and manual therapy around the world.


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