Clinical reasoning & critical thinking 1-to-1 series to develop clinical excellence (online).


Join Owen Lewis in this critically acclaimed mentorship program.

The program is designed to enhance your clinical reasoning, diagnostic decision-making, pattern recognition, and hypothesis testing. It’s a chance to discuss current clients (anonymously) as well as enhance your anatomical and biomechanical knowledge and application.

Each session comprises of two aspects key to the enhancement of clinical excellence.
1) The facilitation of clinical reasoning: A fundamental skill in clinical excellence. Together we develop a logical process of reflection on current clients to enhance your critical thinking and clinical excellence.

2) Knowledge of relational, integrative anatomy, and functional biomechanics to enhance decision-making, hypothesis creation, and testing.

Short-term - Improve working with current clients
Long-term - Learn transferable skills for new and future clients

Critical thinking gets you out of cognitively lazy habits of practice. Creates your own opportunities to learn, from and challenge yourself.
- Quickly identify errors in clinical reasoning.
- Facilitate lateral and creative thinking

Part of critical thinking is the identification of your individual needs. All sessions are tailored accordingly. For example:
- Better understanding of the relationship between areas of the body
- Identify new and useful assessment tools

- Update and refine current skills
- Gain better knowledge of your own system
- Export alternative ways to improve ‘stubborn’ clients
- Become clinically creative and a better guide for your clients

It is suggested that you attend a minimum of 5 sessions.
Each session is 60 minutes, costs £100, and can be paid via PayPal. Sessions can be booked online via the link below.

Sessions are via Zoom, a link will be sent after bookings are made. 

This is a unique tutorial series and will give you unique and essential skills for life, strengthen your knowledge, and enhance clinical excellence.

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