We Love Books & We Love People Who Love Books!

Born to Move believes in supporting local and small, independent businesses - the type of places that employ people who love books as much as you. We believe in keeping the high street open and populated with interesting places where you can browse in comfort and safety. Keeping places where you can talk, or not, find unusual, surprising titles, be given organic (not algorithmic!) recommendations, have a cup of coffee, and maybe stroke a cat, is part of what makes us human.


We also know the comfort and convenience of buying on-line and so the links below will take you to Bookshops.org - a cooperative for independent bookstores (the type that pay taxes, don't need luxury yachts, and support their staff).

Book List

Born to Walk – Myofascial Efficiency and the Body in Movement, Second Edition


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Fascial Release For Structural Balance


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Understanding the Human Foot – An Illustrated Guide to Form and Function for Practitioners


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